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Our History

Dionysos is nestled in the shadow of the rock of Acropolis. in the heart of the historic center of Athens.

This establishment. symbol of classic simplicity. elegance and synonym of finesse and sophisticated taste, brings together a high gluttony experience and the culture of the city.

The incomparable adνantage of Dionysos is its location: a rendezvous with history, an encounter with culture. a promenade through monuments.

The yesterday and today of the capital criss-cross in Dionysos. Steps leading to the establishment pass through the mast distinctive neighborhoods of Athens. from historic Thissio on the one side to Makrygianni on the other side.

The νiews from Dionysos are unique. a call of the senses and a special experience which deserves to be lived.
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Our Menu

The authenticity of tastes of the Greek cuisine, with fusion and postmodern creativity elements, is depicted in the menu. Flavors make a perfect match with the scenery and constitute a genuine methexis.

Greek nature brings its best raw materials to the kitchen of Dionysos. High quality ingredients are transformed by the experienced chef’s team into courses that are sure to delight every plate and make the hospitality of Dionysos an integrated and even experience which pleases all senses.

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Consider hosting your special guests at the restaurant Dionysos Zonar’s,combining the spectacular view of Acropolis with a high-standard corporate event.For events or corporate meetings of any kind the restaurant Dionysos invites you to taste its new menu offers which carry the signature of the biggest chefs, while enjoying the Mediterranean in your dish.Our expert staff shapes our menu offers strictly to your needs,at very affordable prices.A piano for playing music is available.
Our restaurant is open daily, throughout the year.

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