Dionysos Zonars

Under the Beautiful Acropolis



The building of Dionysos constitutes a jewel among the historic monuments, the traditional neighborhoods and the authentic center of a historic city.

It’s architecture respects the tradition and is naturally integrated into the space, standing out at the same time for its modern elements.

Simplicity and abstracting lines are incorporated in the setting, with respect for the historicity of the region. The building, a brilliant example of post-war architecture, was designed by the pioneer architect Prokopis Vasiliadis in the early 1960s.

The decoration of the interior and exterior spaces has been made by the prominent painter Yannis Moralis and his partner, the ceramist Eleni Vernardaki.

The sett paving at the entrance of the restaurant is part of the redevelopment of the space around Acropolis and Philopappou Hill by Dimitris Pikionis. This project was recognized by UNESCO as a monument of modern architecture with global significance, in 1996.